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    At our branches, we are professionals that make sure to take care of your needs.

    At A to Z Legal Services, we have extensive experience in filing divorce documents and guiding our clients through the complex process of dissolving a marriage. We

    are dedicated to providing personal attention and optimal divorce service. We understand that no two divorces are alike, so we tailor our approach to each case. We work diligently to provide the best possible outcome with the utmost care, and our services are designed to be very affordable and cost-effective.

    Our divorce services include a range of options tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals, including:

    • Uncontested divorce proceedings.
    • Contested divorce.
    • Child custody, child support, spousal support, and divorce marital agreements.
    • Division of marital property, including debt and assets.

    Our office has the experience and resources to handle all aspects of divorce proceedings, from filing all necessary paperwork to drafting settlement agreements, as needed. We will work diligently to resolve your case promptly, with the highest level of confidentiality and care.

    Making the Most of Your Divorce Service in West Covina, CA

    The Benefits of A to Z Legal Services assisting you in your divorce documentation

    A to Z Legal Services is committed to helping couples in their divorce proceedings with as little stress and hassle as possible. We will guide you through the process from start to finish. We understand that getting a divorce can be a difficult time, both emotionally and financially. That’s why our experienced, compassionate professional team is dedicated to providing the personalized attention and service you need.

    We acknowledge that child custody is difficult and emotional issues may arise and can be complicated to navigate. Therefore, our personnel listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to design the strategy for filing the divorce paperwork at the courthouse.

    The benefits of professional divorce services

    There are two types of child custody:

    • Physical custody, which refers to the parent who has primary physical responsibility for the child.
    • Legal custody, which refers to the parent’s ability to make major decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as education and healthcare.

    We follow the direction of our clients and file the paperwork strictly according to their petitions and needs.

    Courts generally favor joint custody arrangements, though the specific details of each arrangement will vary depending on the situation. With A to Z Legal Services, we ensure complete and professional work on your case, taking into account the best interests of your child and seeking a solution that is tailored to fit each individual family.

    If you’re considering a divorce or have already begun the process, contact us today to discuss your situation and determine how we can help you. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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